Why should I upgrade the air intake of my BMW car?

In the automotive world, people like upgrading their cars to attain the efficiency they desire and give their four-wheelers a more personal touch. If you are an owner of a BMW car and planning to upgrade it, the air intake system should be on your list as well. With high-quality BMW F chassis performance parts, you can easily upgrade the air intake for a number of reasons. In case you don’t know why anyone should think about upgrading air intake, then you have landed on the right page. Today, we are going to discuss what difference the upgrade of air intake in your BMW or any other car can make in your riding experience.

What difference does the air intake upgrade make in my car?

Here are some of the benefits that you will enjoy by upgrading the air intake of your BMW car:

Enhanced Performance

The air intake system acts as the lungs of your car; meaning, it takes the air in and distributes it to the engine’s intake manifold. Thus, when you upgrade the air intake system with high-performance parts, it will result in increased airflow. The increased airflow means your car will now breathe better and with higher efficiency. As a result, you will notice a significant difference in horsepower, torque, and acceleration. Besides, you will also save money on fuel expenses. Though the number will depend on your engine, you can expect an increase of five to fifteen horsepower.

Amplified Sound

When airflow increases after the air intake upgrade, it gives you the pleasure that comes only with the sought-after engine roar. So, if you are in love with the sound of a roaring engine and want to experience this every time you use your BMW car, upgrading the air intake will certainly help you realize this wish. Besides, you can amplify the sound even more by making additional performance upgrades and modifications such as a muffler and wider exhaust pipes.

Reusable Filters

Apart from upgrading air intake pipes of F chassis, you can also look for aftermarket air intakes that come with washable and reusable air filters. Such air filters that you can wash and reuse are typically made of cotton. They are designed for optimum filtration and trapping debris of all sizes before the air is sucked into the engine. What’s more, upgrading your air intake with washable and reusable filters also means that your car will become more environmentally friendly and economical as you won’t have to spend again and again frequently on the air filter of your car. You can easily clean these filters by checking online DIY videos and make these filters last longer through proper maintenance.

So, if you are also planning to enhance the performance of your car by allowing it to breathe easily through intake inlet upgrade, make sure that you buy BMW F chassis performance parts only from a reputable manufacturer. When you want enhanced performance, then quality and reliability are the two parameters you should never compromise with.