What Are the Advantages of the Gen 2 B58 Turbo Inlet?

When it comes to performance upgrades, the Gen 2 B58 Turbo Inlet isn't just a part; it's the special secret weapon for BMW G2X M240I/M340I/M440I, G29 Z4 M40i, and Toyota Supra A90/A91 owners who have a 3.0L turbo engine.

This isn't your typical car modification; it guarantees that your vehicle can breathe and perform at its best.

Getting Friendly with the B58 Turbo Inlet

Think of the B58 Turbo Inlet as the VIP entryway for air traveling directly to the turbocharger in your engine. If you're riding a Gen 2 B58TU-powered beast, this upgrade is your backstage pass to unlock the energy that your vehicle hides under the hood. It replaces the stock turbo inlet, which is famous for being sensitive to airflow because of its smaller diameter, and makes a big difference.

Paradigm Engineering's Turbo Inlet—Why Bother?

The high-flow turbo inlet from Paradigm Engineering is your engine's new best friend. Crafted from aluminum, it is a superb replacement for the problematic OEM plastic unit. You might know it as the one that cracks under pressure and ages. This upgrade solves those issues without much effort


This upgrade is specifically designed for Generation 2 B58TU-powered BMW models, making it a perfect match for the:

  • G42 B58 M240i xDrive
  • G20 B58 M340i/M340iX 3.0L
  • G22 G23 G26 B58 M440i/M440iX/Gran Coupe
  • G29 B58 Z4 M40i
  • Toyota GR Supra Mk5 3.0L 6 cyl.

Benefits of the Gen 2 B58 Turbo Inlet

Maximized Turbo Airflow

Think of it as turbocharger yoga—removing restrictions and increasing the inlet diameter to let that air flow freely. It's like giving your engine a breath of fresh air, making it more efficient and powerful.

Improved Engine Responsiveness

Ever had issues with your car when using the gas pedal? Upgrade to the B58 Turbo Inlet, and suddenly your car becomes highly responsive, making your experience much better.

Enhanced Durability

The aluminum construction isn't just about looks; it's about strength. You can say goodbye to the days of worrying about your turbo inlet cracking under pressure. This upgrade is here to stay.

Better Sound

Imagine the B58 Turbo Inlet at work, right before putting on a strong show. When the factory sound resonator is removed, the sound of induction becomes more pleasant.

Clean OEM Look

This upgrade involves much more than what's under the hood; it's about maintaining that sleek factory look. It ensures performance gains without sacrificing style.

Reaching the full potential of your vehicle is the goal of Paradigm Engineering's Gen 2 B58 Turbo Inlet Upgrade, which goes beyond simple modification.

Power, responsiveness, and the unexplainable happiness you experience from a car operating at peak efficiency are the main factors. Give your engine the freedom to breathe with the upgraded B58 Turbo Inlet; your vehicle deserves nothing less.

Head to the Paradigm Engineering website to find out more about the Gen 2 B58 turbo inlet.