Getting More Boost: JB4 Turbo Tuning for M3 and M4 Models

BMW's M3 and M4 models featuring the inline 6-cylinder S55 engine are incredible performance machines right out of the box. But like most German performance cars, there's even more power left untapped from the factory.

That's where the JB4 tune comes in - it's the ultimate simple plug-and-play power adder for unlocking the hidden horsepower potential in your F80 M3 or F82 M4.

The F80 M3 JB4 and F82 M4 JB4 can add major gains of up to 80whp and 100wtq on pump gas and even bigger gains of 120whp and 140wtq on higher octane or E85 fuel.

It accomplishes this through advanced CANbus integration and piggyback tuning, making your M3 or M4 feel incredibly powerful.

How JB4 Works

The JB4 tuner is installed in between the sensors and the ECU computer using a simple plug-and-play connection. It takes in sensor signals and manipulates them before they reach the ECU, tricking it into delivering more boost, timing, and fuel.

This allows the F80 M3 JB4 and F82 M4 JB4 kits to optimize performance well beyond the limits coded into the factory ECU maps.

Unlike old-school "chips," the JB4 integrates directly with modern BMW's advanced CANbus system. This allows it to read and send messages on the CANbus, taking total control of parameters like boost, throttle, spark, and fuel delivery.

It's a much more integrated solution than a piggyback chip relying solely on intercepting a few basic sensor signals pre-ECU.

JB4 Features and Benefits

The JB4 offers a ton of unique features and benefits not found on any other bolt-on tuner:

  • Includes a custom calibration tailored to the S55 engine and 8 maps for various fuel types and mod levels.
  • Boost adjustable gear to optimize launches without spinning.
  • Wireless connectivity to Android/iOS devices for changing maps and logging data.
  • Advanced diagnostics to read and clear fault codes.
  • View and datalog 40+ live engine parameters.
  • Free updates as ongoing development unlock more power and features.
  • Quick plug-and-play install without any slicing into the factory wiring harness.
  • 91 octane minimum but compatible with higher octane/E85 for big power gains
  • Works harmoniously with other modifications, tunes, or flash maps
  • 5-year warranty for peace of mind

The JB4 is designed and manufactured in the USA by Burger Motorsports, a leader in BMW turbo tuning. Their engineers have spent years perfecting the JB4 tuner for the S55 engine on BMW's latest M3 and M4 platforms.

Ongoing development and firmware updates are released regularly as even more power and new features are unlocked from the S55's capable turbocharged powerplant.

The JB4's advanced integrated tuning capabilities and blend of power, safety, and convenience features make it the clear choice over old-school piggyback chips.

For S55 owners not looking to flash their factory ECU, it delivers substantially more power than any other bolt-on tuning option.

Installing the JB4 is easy thanks to the plug-and-play connections and bundled custom wiring harness.

No splicing into factory wiring is required. The tough aluminum enclosure ensures it will stand up to the engine room atmosphere while protecting the precision-tuned Bosch internals.

The F80 M3 JB4 and F82 M4 JB4 kits are not VIN locked so they can easily be transferred to another compatible vehicle if you plan to sell.

Whether you're looking to unleash your BMW's full potential on pump gas or push the limits with E85, the JB4 offers the most power, features, and safety of any bolt-on tuner. M3 and M4 owners searching for simple plug-and-play turbo tuning should look no further than the JB4 kits to get more boost and horsepower from their S55 engines.