From Fast to Faster: Big Turbo Upgrades for the BMW M240i

The BMW M240i is an incredible performance coupe right out of the box, with its turbocharged inline 6-cylinder engine pumping out 335 horsepower. However, many M240i owners want even more power and are turning to big M240i turbo upgrades to unleash the car's full potential.

In this article, we'll look at some of the most popular turbocharger upgrades for the M240i and how they can transform this already-fast car into an absolute beast.

Choosing the Right Turbocharger

The first step is to choose the right turbocharger for your goals and budget. Larger twin-scroll turbos from manufacturers like Pure Turbos, Garrett, and BorgWarner are popular options.

Upgrading to larger compressor and turbine wheels increases airflow and allows the engine to produce more boost pressure and power. For street driving, target a turbo that will get you to around 400-450whp. For serious racers, big single turbo kits from companies like ESS can push 550whp or more!

Supporting Modifications

Bolting a bigger turbo onto the M240i is just one part of the equation. To get the most out of your upgrade safely, supporting engine mods are highly recommended. Here are some to consider:

Upgraded intercooler - Cools compressed intake charge for denser airflow. Reduces detonation risk.

Oil and fuel system upgrades - High-capacity oil pan, pump, fuel injectors, and pump to feed more air and fuel.

Tuning - Custom ECU tuning to optimize turbo flow, prevent knock, and maximize power gains.

Exhaust system - High-flow downpipes, cat-back exhaust to reduce back pressure.

Strengthened engine internals - Forged rods, pistons, and head studs handle the extra heat and stress.

Installation Considerations

While the M240i uses a familiar BMW inline-6, installing a new turbo system takes specialized skills and tools. Removing the stock turbo and fitting the new piping, hoses, and wastegate requires fabrication know-how. Tuning the DME and refining the setup to avoid issues like boost creep require expert proficiency.

For most, partnering with a knowledgeable BMW performance shop is highly recommended. They are qualified to complete the task correctly the first time. Expect a full day or more for installation, plus time for dyno tuning.

Enjoy the Power - Safely!

Once the M240i turbo upgrade is set in, you can enjoy up to 150hp more at the wheels! This transforms the stock M240i into a sub-4 second 0-60mph monster. The power comes on strong after spooling up, thanks to the larger compressors. Matched with sticky tires, upgraded brakes, and suspension, the M240i becomes a backroad-devouring sports car.

However, the extra power needs respect and responsible driving. Traction control and sticky tires help put the power down. Gradually ramping up boost levels while monitoring engine parameters is critical. A quality tune and not getting power greedy allow you to enjoy the upgrade reliably for the long haul.

Take Your M240i to the Next Level

A big M240i turbo upgrade unlocks the BMW M240i's potential, transforming it from merely fast to incredibly fast. Big power gains can be achieved safely with supporting mods and professional installation.

A built motor turbo M240i competes with supercars that cost many times more. For BMW enthusiasts who want supercar performance on a budget, this upgrade is a thrilling option.

For M240i owners wanting more power, a big M240i turbo upgrade is one of the most effective options. With the right turbocharger, supporting mods, and professional installation, the BMW six-cylinder's output can be safely doubled.

The M240i transforms from a fast coupe into a sports car that can trade blows with exotics. Opening up the M240i's potential is exciting and rewarding for BMW enthusiasts. Just be sure to budget properly, research options, and work with expert tuners. Do it right, and you'll have a beastly Bimmer that delivers driving thrills for years to come.