Benefits of Upgrading Your BMW with M340i Turbo Inlet

Turbo inlet pipes have two distinct purposes that are different from each other. First, optimizing a turbo inlet pipe can enhance the turbo's efficiency and responsiveness by enabling it to draw more air through an unobstructed and more voluminous flow path.

Second benefit that some may argue is equally or more important than efficiency and flow optimization is an increase in sound.

Paradigm Engineering delivers on both of these purposes regardless of the application. By replacing the weak and failure-prone plastic factory inlet with a more robust carbon fiber inlet, Paradigm Engineering ensures proper fitment with CNC-machined fittings that serve as a direct replacement to the OEM inlet.

Moreover, the improvements to the pipe's characteristics are beyond the material and fitment. The stock turbo inlet includes additional features, including multiple resonators, which cause flow restrictions, turbulence, and reduced turbo noises. These unwanted issues can be rectified by removing the resonators and enlarging and optimizing the path for a more uniform flow.

Consequently, the inlet provides more air to allow the turbo to be more efficient while also amplifying the turbo induction soundtrack, which is often desired.

How do I implement M340i turbo inlet?

By installing the M340i turbo inlet on your BMW M340i, you can easily enhance the performance of your vehicle. How? This improvement is seen because the airflow to the turbocharger is improved. Here are the steps to upgrade your M340i turbo inlet:

  • First, you need to gather necessary tools and equipment, which include socket wrench, pliers, screwdrivers, and the new turbo inlet kit.
  • See where the stock turbo inlet is located and remove it from the engine bay. This may also involve removing any attached hoses and clamps.
  • Install the new turbo inlet into position and secure it using the tools you have. Make sure that all fastening hardware is tight and in the proper orientation.
  • Reconnect any hoses or clamps that you removed during the removal process of a stock turbo inlet.
  • Verify that the new turbo inlet fits properly and does not interfere with any other components in the engine bay.
  • Finally, take your car for a test drive to test that the turbo inlet upgrade and enjoy the enhanced performance and sound increase of your BMW M340i.

If you don’t feel confident in installing the M340i turbo inlet yourself, call a professional mechanic or technician nearby to complete the turbo inlet installation to avoid causing damage to your vehicle and get the best out of your upgrade.

Are you looking for the best quality M340i turbo inlet for your BMW? If yes, visit Paradigm Engineering now.