All About Oil Filter Housing Cap Uses, Features, & More

Your BMW's engine is a finely tuned machine that demands proper maintenance and high-quality components to run at peak performance. One often overlooked but crucial component is the oil filter housing cap.

This cap seals the housing where the oil filter resides, preventing leaks and ensuring the filter can do its job of keeping your engine's oil supply clean. For owners of BMWs with the potent B58 engine, Paradigm Engineering has created the ultimate upgrade - the Magnetic Billet Oil Filter Housing Cap.

Superior Filtration with Rare Earth Magnets

The core of this cap is an integrated rare earth samarium-cobalt magnet. As oil circulates through the housing on its way to the filter, this extremely powerful magnet actively captures any tiny (iron-containing) particles present in the oil. Over time, metal shavings and debris can accumulate, causing premature wear and clogging the filter. The magnetic cap helps remove this damaging contamination before it can do any harm.

While some oils contain substances that neutralize particles, they can only do so much. The magnetic cap takes filtration a step further by physically extracting particles from the oil stream. This levels up protection for your B58's precision components like cylinders, bearings, and turbochargers.

Durable Billet Aluminum Construction

In addition to its magnetic filtering ability, this oil cap outdoes the stock plastic version in longevity and resilience. It is precision CNC-machined from a solid billet of aluminum alloy, providing exceptional strength and durability. The aluminum construction resists cracking, stripping of threads, and rounding off that plastic is prone to.

Paradigm Engineering also gives you a choice of stylish anodized color options - polished silver, black, red, or blue. So your engine bay can look as great as the cap's performance with a brilliant color accent.

Key Applications of Oil Filter Housing Cap

The Magnetic Billet Oil Filter Housing Cap from Paradigm Engineering serves several important functions:

Oil Filtration: Its integrated rare earth magnet actively captures tiny ferrous (iron-containing) particles and debris from the engine's oil supply before they can cause internal wear or clog the filter.

Oil Leak Prevention: Replacing the plastic OEM cap, the billet aluminum construction prevents cracking, stripping of threads, and rounding that allows oil leaks over time.

Aesthetics Upgrade: The polished silver, black, red, or blue anodized finish options give your BMW's engine bay a cool, custom look.

Compatibility: Designed specifically for B58 3.0L engines in a wide range of BMWs like the 3 Series, X5, X7, and more, as well as the Toyota Supra.

Key Benefits Oil Filter Housing Cap

  • Actively captures damaging metal particles and debris
  • Durable billet aluminum construction outperforms plastic
  • Available in polished silver, black, red, and blue finishes
  • Simple bolt-on installation using standard tools
  • Reuses existing OEM oil filter and valve components
  • Made in the USA to precise quality standards

Uncompromised Engine Protection

Designed specifically for B58-powered BMWs from the 3 Series to X7 and the new Toyota Supra, this cap ensures optimal lubrication, maximum engine life, and undeniable under-hood looks. Upgrade to the Magnetic Billet Oil Filter Housing Cap and give your BMW's oil system the filtering protection it deserves. Visit the Paradigm Engineering website today.