A JB4 Tuner Overview: Getting More Horsepower from Your Supra

The Toyota Supra is an iconic sports car that has long been popular with tuners and racing enthusiasts. While the stock Supra is plenty powerful, many owners are looking to get even more horsepower and performance from this incredible platform.

One of the best and most popular options for tuning the latest A90 Supra is with a JB4 tuner.

The JB4 is made by Burger Motorsports and is specially designed for the Mk5 Supra. This clever little device plugs into the OBDII port and allows you to upload custom calibrations to tweak the engine mapping and unlock more power.

The JB4 is the ultimate Supra tuner that offers up to 100HP more on an otherwise stock vehicle while retaining the factory warranty and without risking a permanent ECU flash.

How Does The JB4 Work?

The JB4 is the most advanced piggyback-style chip tuner on the market. It receives sensor inputs between the engine and ECU to modify signals like boost pressure, airflow, and more.

This produces significant power gains by tricking the ECU into adding more boost and advance timing.

The Toyota Supra JB4 has its onboard processor and memory to handle all of the tuning calculations.

Everything happens smoothly in the background without directly modifying your ECU.

This means you keep your factory programming and the ability to return to stock at any time by simply unplugging the JB4. No flashing or hacking is needed!

JB4 Tuning Maps

One of the best features of the Supra JB4 is the ability to switch between multiple tuning maps on the run.

Using the JB4 mobile app or dashboard controller, you can load up to 8 custom calibrations tailored for different fuel grades and bolt-on modifications.

This Toyota Supra tuner comes pre-loaded with tuning maps, ideal for:

  • Stock vehicle on 91 or 93-octane
  • Catless downpipes or exhaust
  • Intercooler upgrades
  • E25, E30, E50, and E85 ethanol blends
  • Built motor with upgraded turbos

You can adjust maps yourself or have professionals optimize custom calibrations for your unique setup. Switching maps is as easy as hitting the cruise control button and takes just seconds for full power gains.

JB4 Supra Performance

Independent testing has shown the JB4 is capable of adding 80HP to the wheels on a bone stock 2021 Supra 3.0L on pump gas.

That translates to over 100HP when you consider the loss of the drivetrain!

With further modifications like intakes, downpipes, and ethanol blends, you can expect even more dramatic results from the JB4 tuner.

Burger Motorsports posts verified dyno graphs showing 140HP gains on built engines.

This extra power transforms the driving experience. Throttle response becomes more immediate, and turbo lag practically disappears. For amazing acceleration, the power band widens and enters the RPM range. JB4 maintains factory performance and won't trigger any check engine lights.

JB4 Installation

Installing the Supra JB4 takes less than an hour thanks to the simple plug-and-play design. The main module tucks out of sight behind the glove box, with just the OBDII port connection visible for easy access.

The kit comes with an adapter harness that connects to the engine bay's sensor connections and then plugs into the JB4 to start the tuning process.

There is no need to permanently alter the Supra wiring. Everything can be returned to factory condition by removing the JB4 module and harness.

Once the hardware is installed, connect wirelessly to the JB4 via Bluetooth on your smartphone or with the included data cable and Windows software.

From there, you can monitor diagnostics, change maps, adjust settings, log performance, and much more. It's the most feature-packed Supra performance tuner on the market!


The JB4 tuner offers Toyota Supra owners an easy and risk-free way to get more power. With large gains, custom tuning, and easy installation, it's no surprise the Supra MK5 JB4 has become the go-to piggyback system for the Supra MK5 platform. This integrated tuner unlocks the Supra's true high-performance potential.